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Say Anything - Is A Real Boy - 2LP

3.The Writhing South
4.Alive With The Glory Of Love
5.Yellow Cat/Red Cat
6.The Futile
8.An Orgy Of Critics
9.Every Man Has A Molly
10.Slowly, Through A Vector
11.Chia-like, I Shall Grow
12.I Want To Know Your Plans
13.Admit It!!
14.Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too [...Was A Real Boy EP]
15.Little Girls [...Was A Real Boy EP]
16.Most beautiful Plague [...Was A Real Boy EP]
17.It's A Metaphor Fool [...Was A Real Boy EP]
18.Total Revenge [...Was A Real Boy EP]
19.Metal Now [...Was A Real Boy EP]
20.I Will Never Write An Obligatory Song... [...Was A Real Boy EP]
21.Walk Through Hell [...Was A Real Boy EP]

Cat Number: dog108lp
Label: Doghouse Records
Info correct on: 13/1/2014

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Say Anything - Say Anything

Say Anything - Is A Real Boy - 2LP

black LP£16.99Sorry - Sold Out
bnqt blue 2LP£18.99Sorry - Sold Out

Blue LP comes with the '...Was A Real Boy' EP as extra tracks.

Oh WOW.  For me, jt, this is a proper desert island discs record! 

We are very happy to announce that Banquet will have an exclusive colour for the UK and Europe as this amazing record gets a double LP re-press on Doghouse!  This press is limited to 250 copies.

This was top of many albums of the year 2004 lists!  This is the album that started it all off for Say Anything.  Indie-rock vs punk anthems.  Decades of Max's cynical observations put into lyrics.  Everything he needed to say combined with some glorious song structures ended up creating a brilliant, and completely varied set of life affirming songs all on this one timeless LP.   Still sounds amazing 8 years on. An essential record!

(Banquet exclusive colour LP of New album - Anarchy -  also Available)

Say Anything Acoustic instore

Say Anything Acoustic instore

Alive With The Glory Of Love

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