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Carlo & Buddy Peace - Commonwealth Kids

Cat Number: carloandbuddy
Label: Paper Street Soap Factory/Gluestick Acoustics
Info correct on: 8/5/2013

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Carlo & Buddy Peace - Commonwealth Kids

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* Hollah - stock is now in and orders are being filled as usual - many thanks for being patient! -Buddy

* Please note - this is a CD and 7" set! I'll try and throw in a bonus disc with a couple of exclusive Buddy Peace remixes for the first orders - be swift y'all! If you want any kind of message scrawled on it then holler at me in the comments box... It's up to you - it'll be big black permanent marker... I'm warnin' ya... *

Well goddamn. We finally did it...

I met Carlo Cossette in person sometime around the middle of 2005. He has a split 7" on Bully Records with Mat Young, which you may have copped - and probably from Banquet. While we were hanging out we spoke about making a mix. Suddenly we both had a lot more to think about...

So after Carlo nearly missing a train to the airport on account of a faulty watch (if memory serves correctly), Carlo made it back to Montreal and we stayed in touch. After several emails, we decided that yes, we would make a mix. Who could have known what we would have done from that point on. We certainly didn't know where that mutual agreement was going to eventually lead us.

Well folks, this is what we made. The finished product. It is a 70 minute mix, divided up into seven sections, of which I have three and Carlo has four. Carlo starts, I follow, and the mix proceeds in this fashion. Much love to the postal service - you held it down. We had a lot of fun, some periods of deep anxiety, and in my case, a completely broken hard drive (Ace! Beyond repair you say? Dope!), but here it is. You also get, as part of this generous package, a 7" produced by Carlo (one of the tracks features on the mix too), which packs in that murky and dark, cranium-pounding Canadian heat that only a Bully affiliate would ever dare to mess with. Shit is powerful yo...

I made some sketches and wrote out the tracklist, and Carlo photoshopped the brother and produced the layout - on top of this he hand numbered them and stapled them up. I wish I could have helped. But distances as they are... Y'know...

So, what I can say to you is that if you enjoy the following : the Bully Records label, mixes from the 1200 Hobos crew (Buck 65, Mr Dibbs, Jel, DJ Signify etc) and Ninja Tune's 'Solid Steel' series, the Anticon/Lex/Mush labels, dusty psych rock, freakout-inducing snares, our music and mixes in general, and big jars of raw molasses by the spoonful, then my friend there is nothing more I can say to recommend this to you.

We hope you enjoy our mix, and the 7".
We are sure you will.
Thank you muchly.
Commonwealth Kid

- - - - - - - - - -

Notes from the mix :
Hard drives broke, changes of accommodation were made, ideas were born, moodswings were thrown, frowns were worn, smiles were used sparingly, packages were sent, emails were banded back and forth recklessly, life decisions were made, books were read, films were viewed, records were bought/sold/found/lost, hearts were stolen and broken (cute), beards were grown (and cut off Carlo, not Buddy), flights taken, handwritten noise complaints were issued, science was dropped, vocabularies were extended, love lives and emotions were tested, friends were made, seasons came and went, equipment was accumulated, lunch money was extracted, heat was successfully presented and relations between the United Kingdom and Canada became stronger still. This has been a Carlo and Buddy Peace presentation. We hope you have enjoyed it. Or, we hope you do enjoy it.

Youll be hearing from us shortly.
Be well. Take care.
With love,
Carlo Cossette & Buddy Peace

"I feel like destroying something beautiful"
- Carlo Cossette

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Buddy Peace at New Slang

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