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Bombay Bicycle Club - Beg (Out Of Stock)

2.Beg (Tom Moulton Mix)

Cat Number: bbcbeg
Label: Island
Info correct on: 25/7/2013

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Bombay Bicycle Club

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Now available for just £4. Beg was a bonus track on the digital release of A Different Kind Of Fix but didn't feature on the original!

"..picking 'beg' to round off the 'a different kind of fix' cycle could be more of a glimpse into the future. Jack steadman's now trademark vocals are perhaps the only recognisable feature on the four minute long track. Its wonky bass-line is mixed with groovy, overlapping guitar links, these fitted together on top of suren de saran infectious beats (caribbean steel drums and electric drum-pads included...)."

BBC at New Slang

BBC at New Slang


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