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Matthew Herbert - Plat Du Jour

Cat Number: ac19cd
Label: Accidental Records
Info correct on: 20/3/2007

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Matthew Herbert
Plat Du Jour

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An incredible project and conceptual experiment into recorded and manipulated sound from one of the most talented electronic music composers in recent times... This takes electronic music to a whole new level with compositions based entirely on food and agriculture politics, which - when you read the liner notes - becomes fully clear, and what also becomes clear is just how much time, effort and originality has been poured into this...

So when you are bopping your head or tapping your finger to the crunchy and shuffly tracks or humming melodies, remember that you are probably jamming along to the sound of thousands of battery chickens, hundreds of people eating apples, coffee beans being poured into containers or a tank being driven over a replica of a meal cooked by Nigella Lawson for Tony Blair and George Dubya. Stunning - when you read how these were made and the thought behind them, it really inspires and amazes - this is a VERY important album that deserves attention! Listen, learn, research... (NB)

01. The Truncated Life Of A Modern Industrialised Chicken
02. These Branded Waters
03. Pigs In Shit
04. An Empire Of Coffee
05. Celebrity
06. Hidden Sugars
07. An Apple A Day
08. White Bread, Brown Bread
09. Fatter, Slimmer, Faster, Slower
10. The Final Meal Of Stacey Lawton
11. The Nine Seeds Of Navdanya
12. Waste Land
13. Nigella, George, Tony And Me

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