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Radiohead / Jamie xx - Bloom (Jamie xx Rework Pt. 3) - proceeds to Shelter!

Cat Number: YT77
Label: Young Turks
Info correct on: 22/4/2015

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Radiohead / Jamie xx
Bloom (Jamie xx Rework Pt. 3) - proceeds to Shelter!

This item hasn't been updated for over a year. We believe the item to be in stock, but that might not necessarily be the case.

If you need to know before ordering, contact us via @banquetrecords on Twitter or send us an email

Ok - So this record is SUPER limited in the UK. we've been told there's only 55 of them available to shops, and we've only got one copy!

So with Piers, Salty and Jamie all wanting a copy in the shop let alone the demand from our customers we tried to think of the best way to sell it.

So we have come up with this:

We are holding an auction for it in our comments box below. Highest bid by the end of Thursday opening hours (7pm) will win the record. We'll get in touch with the winner on Friday morning. All money above the £8.99 retail price will go to the Homeless charity Shelter. It's COLD and this is a time their work is needed most.

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Customer ReviewsReview Radiohead / Jamie xx - Bloom (Jamie xx Rework Pt. 3) - proceeds to Shelter!

3 Stars!Korruption says: Great idea to get some money for Shelter. Sucks pretty bad that having released several collectable remix 12s there is a super limited one at the end that few can hope to own.   
5 Stars! says: Let's round it up to £100 :)
5 Stars!Snapclicker says: 60 golden nuggets. For a good cause. Big up Banquet.
5 Stars!madcircle says: tossing in 55L for this. cheers!
5 Stars!Wil 405 says: an even 50 from me x
5 Stars!isibuko says:  
I'll go £47.53 just to annoy Jack
5 Stars!Jack PoP says: I'll go £47.52
5 Stars!Blueheaven says: 45.0
5 Stars!Blueheaven says: Bid 30.00
5 Stars!5am says: 38.99
5 Stars!shone112 says: Ill big 25.99 :)


just a good record to play:)
5 Stars!wykes says: £5.01
5 Stars!jontolley says: i'll start the bidding at £5