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Palma Violets - 180 (Poster)

1.Best of Friends
2.Step Up for the Cool Cats
3.All the Garden Birds
4.Rattlesnake Highway
5.Chicken Dippers
6.Last of the Summer Wine
7.Tom the Drum
8.Johnny Bagga' Donuts
9.I Found Love
10.Three Stars

Cat Number: RTRADCD700
Label: Rough Trade
Info correct on: 20/2/2015

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Palma Violets - 180

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Debut album from Palma Violets, the Garage indie-rock who made their mark in 2013. They had already appeared on the cover of the NME before their debut single was even out, been on Jools Holland and just before the album was released they were off on tour with Django Django, Miles Kane and Peace. It was great having play in the shop and New Slang around the time tis came out!

Grab a FREE poster with the CD (you only have to pay a little extra for P&P)


they stepped up in the cool racks

they stepped up in the cool racks

Best Of Friends at new slang

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