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Our Time Down Here - Live, Love, Let Go

1.Flip-Up Caps And Crew Neck Sweats
2.Curtain Call
3.Big Guys Throw Cones
4.You Fucking Tragedy
5.Tony And The Gang
7.Los Callejeros
8.Sympathy Pains
10.Pretty Much Motionless
12.Verse Vica
13.Orange And Red

Cat Number: KT1021
Label: Banquet Records Kingston
Info correct on: 2/6/2013

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Our Time Down Here
Live, Love, Let Go

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We've knocked down the price on these ahead of the ever approcahing end.  On their recent Kingston show they reminded us of how awesome they are, and how much they'll be missed.

The debut album from Southampton's Our Time Down Here is finally here! Produced by UK punk super producer Peter Miles and containing guest vocals from Sonic Boom Six, Mark of The Steal & John of The Don Ramos Players.

This full length is everything it's cracked up to be. OTDH have stepped things up tenfold and this is surely set to be one of the best heavy but melodic hardcore punk albums of the year. Get it!

I'm not surprised in the slightest that a) this record is awesome and b) this record is starting to get OTDH noticed on a wider scale. It seems a long time ago now that I agreed to work with the boys as part of my former label, only for me to decide to stop at the same time they hooked up with Banquet. While not the finished article at that point, it was bloody obvious the band had an awesome album in them. 'Live, Love, Let Go' is that awesome album.

Is this record awesome because of it's ferocity? Maybe it's the passion? Or the 'woahs'? Or perhaps it's all of the above - every little morsel of this record is fun. It's like they packaged this record up with a built-in smile. It's a fist-in-the-air riot. Peter Miles has tightened the band up no end, and while they weren't exactly slack in the first place, this record is punchier and refined. 'Flip-Up Caps And Crew Neck Sweats' and 'Los Callejeros' are great little short singalongs, but it's the meatier and weightier 'Tony And The Gang' and 'Curtain Call' that stand out. Big style.

It's a difficult genre to keep fresh and yet OTDH do it in fine style. The energy and freshness certainly helps, but the fact this album is so good is ultimately down to the fact there are stacks of good songs on here. 'Live, Love, Let Go' is a fine album. One of the best UK records of its type in a long time. And with a genuine buzz about the band, let's hope it's their time and hope they can kick on. They deserve it.
- Punktastic - 4.5/5

OTDH in Kingston

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