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Hit The Lights - Appeal (Out Of Stock)

Cat Number: HTLappeal
Info correct on: 6/6/2012

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CD + donation£7.00Unavailable
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thanks for your help!  we were able to hand an extra £210 over to the band last week.

There seems to be an real unfortunate streak of bad luck for bands at the moment. First The Menzingers then The Skints and now Hit The Lights are the latest victims of van robbery...

Luckily, no gear or instruments were taken however a lot of the band's personal belongings were stolen. Laptops, ipods, phones ...etc. The kind of items you cherish on tour to keep in touch with friends and loved ones as well as those that have sentimental value.

Being a Banquet label band we find it extremely hard not to get involved and help the guys out. So, we've set up this appeal in order to raise some money so that they can put it towards replacing some or all of the items they have lost. If you fancy helping the band out please do so by giving them a donation. All the money we raise we will giving to the band when they play Kingston on 2nd June

If you buy the CD (on our Banquet label) from us at the link, while the band is in the UK, we'll give £5 of the £7 retail price direct to the band at The Peel show on June 2nd.   So you can grab  a great CD, and also significantly help out a great band. Alternatively, you can just dontate a straight up bit of cash to help them out.

Something needs to be done about this in the long term, and touring practices needs to be changed, but in the mean time none of this helps out our boys in Hit The Lights, so if you want to help, then do so here and we'll pass on 100% of the cash donated.

We've put a counter on the £5 donations, so people can see how well its going.  We started with "100 £5 donations available"

Thanks for your support

show them some love in Kingston

show them some love in Kingston


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