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Dave House - Kingston's Current (Sale)

Cat Number: DIP014
Label: Gravity DIP Records
Info correct on: 10/11/2009

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Dave House - Kingston's Current

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Our biggest selling album of 2004 AND 2005

"Ok, so its quite emo, but the one thing that makes this album really stand out is the idea that its all one person's experience of life in a UK town and all this entails. And its the personal aspect that gives it so much character.

The music itself, as always is what its all about, and 'Kingston's Current' is something of a mergineg of ideas. Taking the traditional one person, their guitar and their voice formula and mixing it with occasional Postal Service-esque blasts of quirky electronics is the perfect mix, throw in a cello, some great backing vocals, and its complete.

This is simply a great document, well thought out, perfectly executed, with great tunes, real emotions, and a totally personal touch that just works."
- Play Dead

Dave House is a singer-songwriter from Surrey. Drawing on influences from Weakerthans, Postal Service and Damien Rice, this is a collection of beautiful, heart-felt, acoustic rock songs which range from piano ballads, to angst fuelled sing-a-longs, to synth-beats and cell-ectronics fused sincere pop songs. As such, its a varied but honed album of adorable songs delivered with a rare integrity and charm. Bonus tracks include remixes from DJ Buddy Peace (Warp / Lex Records) and Beehive Pines

You are on my frequency
Negative dressed up positive
Weeknights & Weekends
Bacchus & bridges
Since your heart stopped
Kingstons current
Tell Me Why
In this machine
As You Want

here's the baccchus and bridges mp3

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