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Dave House - Songs From The Back Of A Van (Out Of Stock)

Cat Number: DHbsides
Label: I Know Dave House
Info correct on: 28/5/2008

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Dave House
Songs From The Back Of A Van

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Thanks to everyone that has ordered this. The pre-order is now off sale and you will receive your CD in mid June.

Ok, here we have a collection of B-sides / Covers / Alternate versions & Remixes from Dave House.

This CD is limited to PRE-ORDER ONLY, i.e. they are made to order and that's it. The hand finished CD-R will be housed in a nice looking limited run digipack.

B-Sides / Covers / Alt versions
1. You Are On My Frequency (single version)
2. Death & Taxes (kid dynamite cover)
3. Medicine (original home demo)
4. Souvenir (cable cover)
5. See That No One Else Escapes (alternate version)
6. A Song For (gcwcf cover)
7. Since Yesterday (strawberry switchblade cover)
8. Bacchus & Bridges (recorded live at the peel feb 8th 05)
9. The Same Place (first ever solo demo from 1997)
10. Kingston's Current (rough demo that spawned the album)

11. You Are On My Frequency (bhp un-finished funk rmx)
12. Gallery (dave house remix of TELLISON)
13. Prego Triangolos (dave house remix of DARTZ!)

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