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DJ Vadim - Don't Be Scared (Signed!)

1.Hide N Seek
2.Lemon Haze
3.I'm Feeling U Feat. Greg Blackman
4.Lost My Love Feat. Jazz Bailey
5.This DJ Feat. Jman
6.Set Them Free Feat. Sabira Jade
7.Bally Umar
8.Akura Uprock Feat. Greg Blackman
9.Leader Feat. Yarah Bravo
10.Vah Vaow Feat. Heidi Vogel
11.Take My Time Feat. Jazz Bailey
12.Closed Eyes Feat. Yarah Bravo, Pugs Atomz And Jazz Bailey
 Double LP
1.Hide N' Seek
2.Lemon Haze
3.Just A Little Bit (vinyl exclusive)
4.Lost My Love (feat Jazz Bailey)
5.This DJ (feat J-Man)
6.Set Them Free (feat Sabira Jade)
7.Bally Umar
8.Akura Uprock (feat Grogory Blackman)
9.Leader (feat Yarah Bravo)
10.Vah Vaow (feat Heidi Vogel)
11.Teardrop (feat Pugs Atomz - vinyl exclusive)
12.Closed Eyes (feat Yarah Bravo, Pugs Atomz & Jazz Bailey)

Cat Number: BBE225A
Label: BBE
Info correct on: 3/10/2012

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DJ Vadim - Don't Be Scared

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The prolific DJ / producer DJ Vadim returns with his 6th album Don't Be Scared. Daddy Vad, a pioneer of beat culture, once again redefines the limits of beat based production with influences from elctronica, hip hop and oriental vibes. 

Part hip hop in mind-set, part electronic in sound, and part soulful in spirit with undertones of tribalism and some very ethnic and hypnotic elements, this album is rooted to bass culture, connecting dots along the way...Twisted dancehall crunked bass lines meet traditional African rhythms in a Bollywood cinema, whilst lush strings and grand pianos sit next to haunting morphed keyboards; afro beat licks and smoked out grooves.

Daddy Vad instore!

Daddy Vad instore!

don't be scared

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