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I Was A Cub Scout - Pink Squares (Out Of Stock)

Cat Number: AXL251CD
Label: XL
Info correct on: 25/5/2009

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I Was A Cub Scout - Pink Squares

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this is boring, but hey, im gonna say it anyway. I was first handed a 'I Was A Cub Scout' cd by Smittens of the Don Ramos Players saying "please put these guys on they're really good." He normally talks about thrash or Hot Water Music so it sat in my car for a few weeks. But when i actually did listen to it i was blown away. Even Adam Highway 85 was impressed... We booked them for Bacchus and they were amazing. Then we booked them for New Slang and that time they were even better. Some of the best drumming you have ever witnessed and a front man of eccentricity and who somehow makes some beautiful melodies and catchy keys driven tunes. They can pick up a guitar too. Um, bascially, this band is special. People compare them to Postal Service and Radiohead but they're not too close to that really, but maybe its just the way they make really good emotionally stimulating indie-meets-pop-meets-electronica music and hence the association. (jt)

Listen to their myspace and then you don't need to read the above.

1. Pink Squares
2. Teenage Skin

I Was A Cub Scout at New Slang, the club night we run

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